Monday, March 19, 2012

Devolution Part of God's Design?

    The idea of Devolution is not one that is commonly explored by Christians today. Wikipedia has an article that explains a good deal about the history and several major figures in the development of Devolution here. The main thing about Devolution that I find interesting is that it is not the opposite of evolution, like its name suggests, but it is sort of like a degenerating evolution; and evolution where organisms can only lose genetic information-in a natural environment-to change their physical traits. Evolution states that an organism can develop genetic traits through natural means (like a fish developing legs) where as Devolution states that organisms can only lose genetic traits through natural means (like the cave wolf spider losing its eyes from genetic mutation).

     The thing is here, both evolution and creationism support Devolution. Evolution states that organisms can lose genetic information to 'evolve,' but organisms can also gain genetic information 'somehow,' I personally have not yet figured out how evolution is supposed to make an organism gain genetic information. Then creationism (wiki article on creationism here) also supports Devolution in that creationism states that man, because of original sin is failing genetically and getting less sophisticated genetically as time moves further from Adam and Eve. While creationism does not support the idea of substantial changes in genetic structure but does, like Devolution, make provision for the loss of genetic information-Devolution just takes it one step further and says that the loss of genetic information can result in larger changes that affect the entire species.

     The logical evidence for Devolution is astounding. Devolution takes the physical absurdities out of evolution and the logical inconsistencies out of creationism then puts what is left over together into one theory. the physical absurdities of evolution are the fact that there has never been an observed time in history when an organism has gained genetic information that was not already present in their environment. (There have been cases where parasitic organisms have injected their own genetic information into their hosts-this has been observed to happen in animals and humans-there are cases where laboratory experiments have or processes have injected genetic information into an organism as seen in the case of the Japanese scientists who injected certain genetic information into goldfish and made them glow in the dark, and there are cases where organ transplants have transferred small amounts of DNA or genetic information.) The logical inconsistencies of are that they believe that microevolution, but not macroevolution; small changes but not big changes, can happen. What creationists fail to consider is that a change, no matter how small, is still a change and that these changes will build up until the organism is noticeably different. This logical inconsistency of creationism is the reason why most evolutionists find creationism to be a joke.

     Once the physical absurdities of evolution and the logical inconsistencies of creationism have been removed from the picture the rest of those two theories can be combined to make Devolution. Devolution, in basic explanatory language, says:

     1. Organisms can only gain genetic information by having that genetic information injected into them by some process. At the time of this writing only laboratory science, parasitic organisms, and bodily fluids/material transfer has been observed to inject genetic information into organisms.

     2. Organisms lose genetic information by some process which physically removes that information from them, some process which transfers that information away, or some process which suppress or corrupts that information making it so that the organism can no longer use that specific piece of genetic information.

     3. Organism change physically as a loss of or gain of genetic information is compounded into a buildup. this may take several generations.

     Devolution explains the history of the biological world so well not only because it does not contradict the Bible like evolution does, but because the bible actually supports it. When God created Adam and Eve He created them with perfect or near perfect genes. Perfect genes would mean no genetic breakdown. Because man sinned and lost his perfect genes a state of genetic breakdown has begun. This is why Adam was able to live 930 years but only ten generations later people such as Shem, Noah's son, were only living to be 400 years old and today the average lifespan is somewhere around 70. We, as a human race, are Devolving and that is God's Design, not part of His original design-we have already corrupted the Garden of Eden-but it is His plan nevertheless.

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